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Analyse von „Der kleine Prinz“ von Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince
PDF, 75 pages
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The Little Prince in brief

The author and the work

Born in 1900, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote The Little Prince as a Christmas tale planned to be released for Christmas 1942.

The book was actually published in 1943 in New York in french and in english and in 1946 in in France. From its release to now, around 145 millions of copies were sold around the world, in translations in more than 270 languages. It makes the tale the second best-seller of the world after the Bible.

The author disappeared on board of his plane on the 31th of July 1944 in the sea close to Marseille, in a photographic mission preparing the reconquest of Provence by the Allied.

The story

The Little Prince tells about the meeting between a plane pilot who crashed in the desert and a boy who came from an asteroid, who wants to get knowledge and to make a friend.

The child tells his story to the pilot, before leaving back to his planet… by dying.


Our analysis provides you:

  • A full chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph summary and commentary of The Little Prince, listing all the noticeable drama and narration effects.
  • A detailed commentary about the 25 plots of the tale.
  • A detailed commentary about the characters, their around 54 actantial roles and their thematic properties.
  • A reconstruction of the general outline of the plots of the story.
  • A study of the telling modes (narration, dialogues, discourse).
  • A study of the genres linked to the characters and plots
  • A study of the registers, tones and values used in the plots.

To improve one’s technique and make one’s knowledge concrete, there is nothing better than analyzing masterworks, and take the best out of them to re-use it in your own works!

Table of Contents


  • The little prince in short
  • Methods and analysis tools

The little prince chapter by chapter summary and commentary


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